This creature of the sea is worlds ugliest

You wont believe what this creature below is:

Ugly Fish

Blob Fish

Yes, that’s right if you read the caption right below the pic you know it’s a fish. Nominated one of the worlds ugliest creatures to exist. CNN Worlds Ugliest

You never know what lurks at the bottom of the sea but what an interesting creature:

Blob Fish

Blob Fish

The Blobfish is found in the deep water and was discovered on accident by fisherman who were netting the ocean floor. Apparently gravity brings down thier gelotounous features giiving them that appearance when out of the sea. I feel its safe to say lets keep these creatures underwater. Is it just me or does this fish remind you of an under water Jimmy Durante “Ah Cha Cha cha Chaaa”

Sources:All that is interesting, Medindia

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