These 12 foods loved by Americans are extremely disliked outside the US

You’ll be shocked at the foods you loved as a kid are hated by foreigners


1. Bacon and Eggs. Really!? Its hard to imagine that America’s staple breakfast is not loved all over the world. But reality bites if you look at the high sodium count and the cholesterol, from a health standpoint its not that hard to understand. “Still i say where’s the bacon?”

Bacon n Eggs



2. Casseroles. Ah yes! Grandmas favorite, who doesn’t appreciate an all in one buffet. But many people in other countries are custom with having many different dishes served during dinner. Think tapas but slightly bigger, also if you look at most casseroles they have high carb count and very salty. Still if G-Mom makes it, I’m eating it.



3. Peanut Butter and jelly. Peanut butter jelly time! Nope not outside the US of A people in other countries especially in European countries cant understand what we like about the combinations. Guess we cant expect everyone to enjoy secret pleasures.



4. Biscuit and Gravy. Whoo! A southern comfort but most foreigners cannot stand the combination of meat, milk and flour together. Also in other countries i can say there breakfast meals are usually a little lighter. Not to mentioned the calories salt and carb level of this dish and i can see the turn off.

Biscuits and Grave


5. Chocolate. This may be the most shocking  i mean c’mon who doesn’t like chocolate? Well it may not be so much that chocolate is bad. But really is that they find our chocolate not appealing, in some cases that our chocolate is not sweet enough and dusty. Kind of like when chocolate gets old.Chocolate


6. Cereal. OMG really? I want bowl right now. But most foreigners look at our cereal and see nothing but crabs and high levels of sugar. Add the milk and you got a good amount of fat as well. I don’t care give me a bowl.



7. Corn dogs. These puppy’s on a stick gave joy to kids all over the states and still do. Many can still purchase and finds these breaded dogs at carnivals and local markets. But people outside the states frown in confusion when they see the corny coated k-9’s on a stick. Due to high levels of sodium and the cornmeal coating these barkers are a turn-of to the foreign world.




8. Grits. Another southern staple and of course a foreign turnoff. i guess they find the grainy breakfast dish too high with cholesterol. But i can agree this is a very acquired dish indeed.



9. Store Bread. Yes what we use and love everyday  is considered a processed heath hazard in the foreign world. Because most of our bread can contain high levels of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. In foreign country’s they prefer freshly made bread.




10. Meat Loaf. Our delicious meat loaf can be found all over the states in many different styles. But go outside the US and good luck to you if you try and find it. Most foreigners look at it as a meaty mess and frown upon it.





11. Red Velvet Cake. This beloved favorite is disliked by many foreigners as they think its just packed with chemicals and has no real taste. But i think i speak for a lot of folks when i say its delicious.



12. Spray cheese. This child hood can of cheesey goodness is packed with chemicals and high in sodium. On top of that foreigners are not fond of the cheeses we house to begin with. So add it to a can and you can see why they don’t even consider it.



Whether you are a lover of the above foods or not you have to say that they are definitely staples of the US continent. So it is funny to things that we love and enjoy and how the eyes of others view them.


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