The most fanciest and expensive ice cubes ever!

There are luxury’s in life and than there are LUXURY’S!!

Lets start off the new year with the most extravagant and i am not talking about cloths or cars. I’m referring to ice. Ice cubes to be exact. If you ever wanted brag about having the most expensive “ICE” and I’m not talking about the diamonds no folks not “Bling” that you get from Diamonds. This is the ICE you put in your glass yes I’m talking about the cubes. Company Glace Luxury Ice CO. ETC has developed the most expensive ice cube you ll ever use to cool your drinks with.



Prices can start at $205 for some packages and go up to $350.


Brief description on how to let the ice settle.


Looks really cool with a great bottle of whiskey.




Proud owners of Glace ICE.


The most expensive drink you’ll ever have!



So if you have some extra cash to blow and you want to have the ultimate and most expensive drinking experience. This is one way to do it. Glace-Ice

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