The Craziest and crudest cakes you’ll ever see!

These cakes will make you say OMG!

1.The pooper. This cake had an accident, i wonder if this was given to a friend or fr-enemy?



2. Deer Cake. This cake will make the animal activist frown. Weird to say the least.


Deer cake


3. If your turning 50 and need support? Well this cakes got it. LOL




4. Curb your dog please.

curb your dog


5. Now that’s how you tell someone their going to be a parent WOW!



6. Here’s a cake every HR person can appreciate.



7.Toilet Bowl. This is hilarious and will make anyone dread the big 40.




8. Whoopie. OMG really!


Sources: ViralNova FoodTracks


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