Spider the size of a small dog found in the wild!

When it comes to spiders we all know that they can come in all different sizes. While generally most spiders we can say are on the smaller scale ranging from the many different species out there. Probably the most known song out there is a nursery rhyme that describe the spider as “Itsy Bitsy Spider” But the Goliath bird eater is the largest spider found to date and there is nothing Itsy Bitsy about it. The South American Goliath Bird eater can have sizes of 30 centimeters (a foot) and way up to 6 oz.

Spider Hand

Apparently these beasts are so big that when it crawls on the amazonian floor it makes a very distinct clicking sound similar to a horse.

Spider underbelly

This is what spider phobia’s and nightmares are made of.


Even though these spiders look the part of deadly, they are generally harmless to humans. Even if you happen to get bit by the lengthy fangs that these giants sport, it would be in comparison that of a bee sting. So besides size and intimidation you don’t have much to worry about. Still i can easily say that even David would not want be on the same path as this Goliath.

You can find more about this amazing creature here:Live Science, andThesmallmajority

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