Before they were Billionaires!

Take a look at the then and now of these five mega rich giants!

Micheal Dell. (Dell Computers)


Dell appeared to always have a knack for business, he bought his first BMW by leading a newspaper subscription sale start-up. Not bad not bad at all! But before that he saved money by selling and buying high priced stamps to get his first apple computer. After convincing his parents by making a $180,000 buying and reselling desktop computers he had dropped out of school and  proven that this is the line of business he needs to be in.


Micheal Dell is now one of the richest persons in the USA with a net worth of $22 billion he recently announced that Dell is once again private which will allow more freedom to expand in grow as a organization. From a man who started buying and selling when he was just a young kid, i can only imagine what he has in-store for the next generation. I know i can say that i would not mind having a Micheal Dell in my organization.


Jeff Bezos. (



Jeff grew up on a farm in new mexico, and was said to have taken apart his crib when he was a toddler with a screwdriver. Wow now if that does not say billionaire brainchild i don’t know what is….but what is really amazing is that Jeff entered the Wall street business for a short time and later decided that he could earn more by using books as an online store front. A genius idea indeed as he capitalized on the internet.  Sometimes it all about the timing! Shockingly his parents were his biggest investors as they put up a whopping $300,000 to help things get started. Considering the results not a bad investment at all. I would love to see the zeros on the ROI check he handed back to his dad.

Now is now one of the leading online superstores where you can by almost anything from games to beds and even clothes. oh yes and you can still by those things called books. Jeff is now worth a whopping $30.2 billion.


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. (Microsoft/Apple)



A true before they were billionaire picture, here you see two two tech giants brainstorming. Bill got his start with the Lakeside programming group (LPC). After building a small traffic program he went straight to law school dropped out and well started Microsoft from their our friend Bill became one of the richest men in the world. Steve good ole Steve! got his first start surprisingly at HP. From their Steve bounced around finding his way to India and back. Once back he connected with an old business partner (Wozniak) and they started Apple computers out of Jobs parents garage. It seems that the garage and parents are a trend in the tech Billionaires life yes?

Bill and Jobs


Bill and Steve are both leading the world with technology with Apples iPhone and Bill’s Windows its no wonder they are the worlds richest. Bill coming at $81 Billion and Jobs ending with $11 Billion i can say that these were two geniuses who were def doing something right. Maybe i should get a garage and build something….




Larry Ellison. (Oracle)



Larry Ellison apparently did not have the childhood like most of the billionaires listed here. He had adoptive parents and was a bit of a rebel in his younger days. But that didn’t stop this tech mogul from finding creative partners and creating the database giant known as oracle. Interesting enough Larry had a few jobs prior some include a bank associate and insurance worker. I can say from those humble beginnings he is doing very well for himself.


Well with a salary at $192 million annually he is not doing to bad but deep in this tech giant pockets lay a staggering $52.7 billion. Whoo! that’s a massive amount of pocket change. Oracle may not ring the ears like Apple, Microsoft or Dell for that matter but its def in the ring with the big boys and Larry with them.

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