6 Animals of the wild thought to be myths that are actually real!


1. Komodo Dragon

These reptilian beasts were spotted by pearl fishermen as they made claim of seeing giant land lizards. But many were hard pressed to believe them and even were laughed at until explorers saw the dragons for themselves in the mid 1900’s.



2. Platypus

These duck billed creatures were thought to be fake man made tricks when they were first discovered in the early 1700’s



3. Kangaroo

The “Kangaroo” a strange creature indeed, when first seen the kangaroo’s presence was described as a “creature with a deer head stood upright like a man and hopped around like a frog” with a description like that who would believe these creatures actually exist.



4.Devil Bird

The Ulama, which is nicknamed Devil bird do to its pointy horn like ears, this creature is rarely seen and is from Sri Lankan. This bird is known for its blood-curddling screams that locals thought to be cries of a woman. Scientist were able to identify the creature and confirmed it as a new species of Owl.

Devil bird


5. Ziphius

This Beaked Whale was thought and said to terrorize the seas by attacking ships. Through legend known as the “Water Owl” this water creature is none other then a curiers beaked whale.



6.Sea Serpant

This beast is probably one of natures longest and wide spread legends. Most likely the Sea surpant legends were none other then the rare OarFish known to grow very long in length.

sea serpent


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