25 Amazingly awesome kids costume for Halloween

These kids really know how to suit up!

Halloween comes across as most favorable holiday and most of us get excited about the ideas of what costumes to wear. Well below you’ll find some of the most creative costumes ideas, yet alone done by children. (With a little help of course)

1. Condom


I guess his parents decided to teach him early. Well better now than never. Source Unknown

2. Burrito Baby

Burrito Baby

Image credits:Colleghumor

3. Smurfs


Watch out for Gargamel!

Image credits:Etsy

4. Zombie Baby

Zombie baby

This kid wants your brains!

Image credits:Unknown

5. Power Loader Baby from “Aliens”

Powerloader aliens

Ready and waiting!
Image credits:imgur

6. Prince on a Scooter

Prince on a scooter

The musician at his best.
Image credits:imgur

7. Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”


She fashionably sassy
Image credits:mymodernmet.com

8. Wilson the Volleyball from “Castaway”


Image credits:imgur

9. Gandhi


Image credits:imgur

10. Troll on Your Back

troll on your back

Image credits:costume-works

11. Edward Scissorhands

Edward Sciccor hands

Image credits:Instructables

12. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstien

The little genius at work!
Image credits:imgur

13. Jetpack


Image credits:imgur

14. Harry Potter and Fluffy

harry potter

From the looks of it I don’t think the dog signed up for this! Still a great costume

Image credits:Collegehumor

15. Alex From “A Clockwork Orange”

clock work orange


Image credits:imgur

16. Man Without a Head”

head man

Creepy I definitely had to look at this one twice….

Image credits:imgur

17. Dwight Schrute from “The Office”

dwight office

Image credits:Pete Stott

18. Little Old Lady

old lady

Gotta love the matching tennis balls with the dress!

Image credits:Costume works

19. Hannibal Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs”


Can anyone say “Hello Clarisse”

Image credits:Unknown

20. Chief Brody from “Jaws”


Image credits:imgur

21. Frida Kahlo


Image credits:ohhappyday

22. Run DMC


“Walk this wayyyy!!”

Image credits:Behance.net

23. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad”


Image credits:huffingtonpost


Image credits:glassofwhiskey

24. The Dude from “Big Lebowski”

The dude

Image credits:skirt as top

25. Biker Baby

Biker Baby

Image credits:imgur


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