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10 Disgusting food finds you wont believe!

10 Disgusting food finds you wont believe!


You’ll never want to eat out again after seeing these horrific finds.

1. Live newt in a salad, how gross would it be to find a live amphibian crawling around in your greens. Lets hope this person did not take a bite before they seen it:

live newt in salad



2. You like chicken nuggets? Well how about chicken heads? This woman found a fried chicken head in her order of nuggets. Gross!!!!

chicken head



3. Cigarette in the rice, can you imagine finding a finished cig butt in your rice, disgusting.

cig in rice Yahoo




4. Mashed mice in your bread, ugh this one is very hard to look at. I can hear it now “would you like mice with that?” No Thanks!.

mice in the bread




5. Mac n Cheese anyone? How about Nail n Cheese because that is exactly what this individual was served.

nail in mac n cheese




6. Creature surprise inside a salad bag, not sure of the exact origin of the creature inside possibly an amohibian but i can definitely say that its unwanted.

aphibian in salad bag


7. Someone got more then just a crispy hash brown with there order as a few insects came with it! Yuck!

insects in food




8. Lets say you wanted to keep it light and order a salad, well don’t forget to try the lizard dressing. OMG!

liz in salad




9. You may have seen bars that serve pickled products eggs, ginger, beets etc… well how about Rat?

pickeld rat




10. Well we all love frozen veggies here and there but i think i speak for everyone when i say no toads please!

toad in frozen pees



These pictures are enough to make you want everything organic or at least screen everything you buy 3 times over. I guess life is like a box of chocolates and you really never know what you are going to get.


Via: Collective-Evolution, and Yahoo!

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